Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixer MS 1312-1032T

Sulzer Mixpac Statomix static mixer MS 1312-1032T is used to dispense two-component adhesives using meter mix dispensing (MMD) equipment. These plastic nozzles attach to the equipment using either an integral or shroud, which has a built in integral nut. The plastic disposable mixer has elements made of polyacetal which can withstand high machine pressures. Shrouds are often used as an extra safety measure for high pressure dispensing. This mixer has blue elements.

Static Mixer MS 1312-1032T Specifications

Property Value Property Value
Product MS 1312-1032T Element Color: Yellow
Description Mixer, Combo 13mm x 12 ELE.+ 10mm x 32 ELE., Yellow Element Material POM
Old Product Number MS 1312-1032 Housing Type Cylindrical
# of Elements: 44 Housing Material PP
ID* mm 13.0 + 10.0 Tip Style: Stepped Tip
ID* inch 0.51 + 0.39 Attach to MMD Shroud with Integral Nut
Length mm 499
Length inch 19.65

* inner diameter

10 sulzer mixpac statomix MS nozzles indiv

Sulzer Statomix nozzle MS 1312-1032T is used to dispense materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic, methacrylate and a variety of other two part adhesives and sealants..

Typical applications for dispensing adhesive with Sulzer static mixer MS 1312-1032T include: electronics, communications, aerospace, automotive, aircraft assembly, wind turbine assembly and repair, home building, construction, concrete repair and many others.




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