Sulzer Mixpac Statomix MKH Series Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac MKH static mixers are used for dispensing adhesives from two part 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 ml dual plastic syringes.. All systems are 1:1 ratio. Theses nozzles are attached using an “interlock style” connection. MKH static mixers can be used with epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and a variety of other adhesives and sealants, for diverse applications.

Detailed information for any static mixer can be found on a separate page, by clicking the part number.

Part Number Old Part Number Elements ID (mm) ID (inch) Length (mm) Length (inch)
MKH 02-08D ML 2.5-08-D-IN 8 2.5 0.10 33.40 1.3
MKH 02-12D ML 2.5-12-D-IN 12 2.5 0.10 46.20 1.8
MKH 02-12S ML 2.5-12-S-IN 12 2.5 0.10 49.70 2.0
MKH 02-16S ML 2.5-16-S-IN 16 2.5 0.10 59.70 2.4
MKH 03-12D ML 3.2-12-D-IN 12 3.2 0.13 56.00 2.2
MKH 03-12S ML 3.2-12-S-IN 12 3.2 0.13 61.00 2.4
MKH 03-16S ML 3.2-16-S-IN 16 3.2 0.13 74.00 2.9

Mixpac MKH Static Mixers

image 017 sulzer mixpac MKH static mixers2

MKH Mixpac Mixers - Compatible Cartridges and Dispensers

Cartridge* Volume (ml) Ratio Dispensing Gun** Type Brand
KK 002-01-10-01 2.5 1:1 Used with a Plunger Manual Mixpac
KK 005-01-10-01 5.0 1:1 Used with a Plunger Manual Mixpac
KK 010-01-10-01 10.0 1:1 Used with a Plunger Manual Mixpac

* These are typical cartridges for a given volume and ratio. Many others are available

** These are typical dispensing guns for a given volume and ratio. Many others are available



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