Mixpac MKHX Series Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac MKHX static mixers are used for dispensing adhesives from two part 10 ml dual plastic KK-series syringes. All systems are 10:1 ratio. Theses nozzles are attached using an “interlock style” connection. MKHX static mixers can be used with epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and a variety of other adhesives and sealants, for diverse applications.

For Compatible Cartridges and Dispensers - Consult 2nd Table


Detailed information for any static mixer can be found on a separate page, by clicking the part number.

Part Number Old Part Number Elements ID (mm) ID (inch) Length (mm) Length (inch)
MKHX 02-08D MLX 2.5-08-D-IN 8 2.5 0.10 36.2 1.4
MKHX 02-08S MLX 2.5-08-S-IN 8 2.5 0.10 39.7 1.6
MKHX 02-12D MLX 2.5-12-D-IN 12 2.5 0.10 46.2 1.8
MKHX 02-12S MLX 2.5-12-S-IN 12 2.5 0.10 49.7 2.0
MKHX 02-16S MLX 2.5-16-S-IN 16 2.5 0.10 59.7 2.4
MKHX 03-12D MLX 3.2-12-D-IN 12 3.2 0.13 56.0 2.2
MKHX 03-12S MLX 3.2-12-S-IN 12 3.2 0.13 61.0 2.4
MKHX 03-16S MLX 3.2-16-S-IN 16 3.2 0.13 74.0 2.9

MKHX Mixpac Mixers - Compatible Cartridges and Dispensers

Cartridge Volume (ml) Ratio Dispensing Gun Type Brand
KK 010-10-10-01 10.0 10:1 Used with a Plunger Manual Mixpac

Mixpac MKHX Static Mixers

image 018 sulzer mixpac mkhx static mixer2




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