Ratio-Pack Snap Together Adhesive Dispensing Cartridges

Single sides of a dual cartridge are available in many volumes. They are designed to clip together with another single side to form a dual cartridge. All single cartridge sides are the same height.

Nordson EFD Ratio pak clip together cartridge 6Nordson EFD Ratio Pak Clip Together Cartridge 3Nordson EFD Ratio Pak Clip Together Cartridge 2

Available Sizes

30ml 75ml 100ml
150ml 200ml 250ml
300ml 600ml 750ml


  • Snap-together design for easily changeable configurations
  • May be filled through the nozzle or back side of the cartridge
  • Fit industry-standard dispense guns
  • Many mixer options available


  • Versatile design allows different mix ratios and volumes
  • Snap-together cartridges help reduce inventory; join side A with different sizes of side B
  • Match different resins for chemical compatibility; for example, mate PP side A with nylon side B
  • Point of use mixing
  • Easy filling and handling, with quick clean-up


Ratio-Pak® cartridge systems offer a versatile solution to package a variety of two-part materials including foams, coatings, potting compounds, and other adhesives and sealants. The Ratio-Pak line uses individual cartridges that snap together with Ratio-Pak cartridges of any other size. This unique, patented design gives users the flexibility to combine multiple ratios, from 1:1 up to 25:1, and achieve proper mixing results. Cartridge configurations are available with a variety of capping solutions, assorted thread forms, and self-venting seals for easy filling.



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