Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixer / Nozzle Part Number Cross Reference Table

    Listed below are the new Sulzer Mixpac static mixer (nozzle) part numbers and the corresponding old Sulzer part numbers, listed for the convenience of those familiar with only one or the other part designation.

    MAH 03-07S TO MCH 10-18T MCH 10-20D TO MFQ 10-24T MFQX 05-16L TO MSR 13-12T
    New Part No. Old Part No. New Part No. Old Part No. New Part No. Old Part No.
    MAH 03-07S MA 3.0-07-S MCH 10-20D MC 10-20-A MFQX 05-16L MFQX 5.3-16
    MAH 03-13S MA 3.0-13-S MCH 10-24D MC 10-24-A MFQX 05-24L MFQX 5.3-24
    MAH 03-17S MA 3.0-17-S MCH 10-24T MC 10-24 MFQX 07-24T MFQX 7.5-24
    MAH 04-13D MA 4.0-13-D MCH 10-32T MC 10-32 MFQX 08-24T MFQX 8.7-24
    MAH 04-13S MA 4.0-13-S MCH 13-12T MC 13-12 MFQX 10-24T MFQX 10.7-24
    MAH 04-17D MA 4.0-17-D MCH 13-18T MC 13-18 MGH 08-06S MG 08-06
    MAH 04-17S MA 4.0-17-S MCH 13-24T MC 13-24 MGQ 08-18T-13 300.472
    MAH 05-07T MA 5.4-07-S MCH 13-32T MC 13-32 MGQ 08-20D 300.454
    MAH 05-13D MA 5.4-13-D MCH 15-12-30 MC 15-12-A MGQ 08-20T 300.453
    MAH 05-13T MA 5.4-13-S MCHM 03-08 MM 03-08 MGQ 08-24D 300.462
    MAH 0517-0413T MA 0517-0413 MCHX 08-18T MCX 08-18 MGQ 08-24D-12 300.466
    MAH 05-17T MA 5.4-17-S MCHX 08-18T-55   MGQ 08-24T 300.461
    MAH 05-21T MA 5.4-21-S MCHX 08-24T MCX 08-24 MGQ 08-24T-15 300.036
    MAH 06-12D MA 6.3-12-D MCHX 10-12T MCX 10-12 MGQ 10-16A 300.412
    MAH 06-12T MA 6.3-12-S MCHX 10-18T MCX 10-18 MGQ 10-16A-24 300.413
    MAH 06-17T MA 6.3-17-S MCHX 10-24T MCX 10-24 MGQ 10-16D 300.409
    MAH 06-21L MA 6.3-21-L MCHX 13-12T MCX 10-24 MGQ 10-19A 300.408
    MAH 06-21T MA 6.3-21-S MCHX 15-12-30 MCX 15-12-A MGQ 10-19A-24 300.411
    MAHX 04-17S MX 4.0-17-S MCQ 05-24L 300.002 MGQ 10-19D 300.493
    MAHX 05-17T MX 5.4-17-S MCQ 07-24T 300.006 MGQ 10-19D-11 300.494
    MAQ 05-16L 300.028 MCQ 07-24T-12 300.341 MGQ 10-19D-20 300.327
    MAQ 05-16L-01 300.491 MCQ 08-24T 300.455 MGQ 10-19D-21 300.364
    MAQ 05-16L-12 300.391 MCQ 08-32T 300.375 MGQ 10-24D 300.497
    MAQ 05-16L-13 300.405 MCQ 10.7-32T 300.377 MGQ 10-24D-20 300.339
    MAQ 05-24L 300.026 MCQ 10-24T 300.376 MGQ 10-24T-12 300.415
    MAQ 05-24L-12 300.403 MCQ 10-24T-01 300.496 MKH 02-08D ML 2.5-08-D-IN
    MBH 03-12D MB 3.2-12-D MCQ 10-24T-14 300.430 MKH 02-08S ML 2.5-08-S-IN
    MBH 03-12S MB 3.2-12-S MCQ 10-24T-20 300.022 MKH 02-12D ML 2.5-12-D-IN
    MBH 03-16D MB 3.2-16-D MCQ 10-24T-24 300.385 MKH 02-12S ML 2.5-12-S-IN
    MBH 03-16L MB 3.2-16-L ME 05-24T ME 05-24 MKH 02-16S ML 2.5-16-S-IN
    MBH 03-16S MB 3.2-16-S ME 05-32T ME 05-32 MKH 03-12D ML 3.2-12-D-IN
    MBH 04-12D MB 4.2-12-D ME 06-24T ME 06-24 MKH 03-12S ML 3.2-12-S-IN
    MBH 04-16D MB 4.2-16-D ME 06-32T ME 06-32 MKH 03-16S ML 3.2-16-S-IN
    MBH 04-16S MB 4.2-16-S ME 06-48T ME 06-48 MKHX 02-08D MLX 2.5-08-D-IN
    MBH 05-06T MB 5.4-06-S ME 08-24T ME 08-24 MKHX 02-08S MLX 2.5-08-S-IN
    MBH 05-12D MB 5.4-12-D ME 08-32T ME 08-32 MKHX 02-12D MLX 2.5-12-D-IN
    MBH 05-14D MB 5.4-14-D ME 1012-0832T ME 1012-0832 MKHX 02-12S MLX 2.5-12-S-IN
    MBH 05-16T MB 5.4-16-S ME 10-24T ME 10-24 MKHX 02-16S MLX 2.5-16-S-IN
    MBH 05-20T MB 5.4-20-S ME 10-32T ME 10-32 MKHX 03-12D MLX 3.2-12-D-IN
    MBH 06-11D MB 6.5-11-D ME 1312-1032T ME 1312-1032 MKHX 03-12S MLX 3.2-12-S-IN
    MBH 06-16-T MB 6.5-16-S ME 13-24T ME 13-24 MKHX 03-16S MLX 3.2-16-S-IN
    MBH 06-20T MB 6.5-20-S ME 13-24T-02 ME 13-24-L MS 05-24T MS 05-24
    MBH 07-11D MB 7.5-11-D ME 13-32T ME 13-32 MS 05-32T MS 05-32
    MBHX 03-16S MBX 3.2-16-S ME 13-32T-02 ME 13-32-L MS 06-24T MS 06-24
    MBHX 04-16D MBX 4.2-16-D MFH 06-18T MF 06-18 MS 06-32T MS 06-32
    MBHX 04-16S   MFH 06-24T MF 06-24 MS 06-48T MS 06-48
    MBHX 05-12D MBX 5.4-12-D MFH 06-32T MF 06-32 MS 06-56D MS 06-56
    MBHX 05-16T MBX 5.4-16-S MFH 08-18T MF 08-18 MS 06-56L MS 06-56-L
    MBHX 05-20T MBX 5.4-20-S MFH 08-24T MF 08-24 MS 06-56T MS 06-56
    MBHX 06-16D MBX 6.5-16-D MFH 08-32T MF 08-32 MS 08-24T MS 08-24
    MBHX 06-16T MBX 6.5-16-S MFH 10-18T MF 10-18 MS 08-32T MS 08-32
    MBHX 06-20T MBX 6.5-20-S MFH 10-24T MF 10-24 MS 1012-0832T MS 1012-0832
    MBQ 05-16L MBQ 5.3-16-SPE MFH 10-32T MF 10-32 MS 10-18T MS 10-18
    MBQ 05-24L MBQ 5.3-24-SPE MFHX 06-18T MFX 06-18 MS 10-24T MS 10-24
    MBQX 05-16L MBQX 5.3-16-S MFHX 06-24T MFX 06-24 MS 10-32T MS 10-32
    MBQX 05-24L MBQX 5.3-24-S MFHX 06-32T MFX 06-32 MS 1312-1032T MS 1312-1032
    MCH 05-18T MC 05-18 MFHX 08-18T MFX 08-18 MS 13-12G MS 13-12-G
    MCH 05-24T MC 05-24 MFHX 08-24T MFX 08-24 MS 13-18G MS 13-18-G
    MCH 05-32T MC 05-32 MFHX 08-32T MFX 08-32 MS 13-24T MS 13-24
    MCH 06-18T MC 06-18 MFHX 10-18T MFX 10-18 MS 13-24T-02 MS 13-24-L
    MCH 06-24T MC 06-24 MFHX 10-24T MFX 10-24 MS 13-32G-01 MS 13-32-M
    MCH 06-32T MC 06-32 MFHX 10-32T MFX 10-32 MS 13-32T MS 13-32
    MCH 08-18T MC 08-18 MFQ 05-16L MFQ 5.3-16 MS 13-32T-02 MS 13-32-L
    MCH 08-24T MC 08-24 MFQ 05-24L MFQ 5.3-24 MSR 06-12T MR 06-12
    MCH 08-32T MC 08-32 MFQ 07-24T MFQ 7.5-24 MSR 08-12T MR 08-12
    MCH 10-18T MC 10-18 MFQ 08-24T MFQ 8.7-24 MSR 10-12T MR 10-12
        MFQ 10-24T MFQ 10.7-24 MSR 13-12T MR 13-12




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