Sulzer Mixpac Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac MAHX Series Static Mixers

Sulzer Mixpac MAH (MA) static mixers are used for dispensing adhesives from two part 50 ml (dual) plastic cartridges . Cartridge ratios used with this mixer series are  4:1 and 10:1.  These static mixers are  attached using a “bayonet style” connection. These mixers can be used with epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and a variety of other adhesives and sealants.

Key properties for the mixers in this series are listed in the table below.  Detailed information for any static mixer can be found on a separate page, by clicking  the part number.

part number
part number
Elements ID
Tip Request Request
MAHX 03-17T MX 3.0-07-S 7 3.0 62 0.1 2.5 T Sample Quote
MAHX 04-17T MX 4.0-17-S 17 4.0 82 0.16 3.2 S Sample Quote
MAHX 05-17T MX 5.4-17-S 17 5.4 104 0.21 4.1 S Sample Quote
MAHX 0517-0413 MX 0517-0413 17+13 5.4- 4.0 149 .21 -.16 5.9 S Sample Quote


MAHX/MX Mixer Brochure: PDF

Information: 781-281-2746 -                               

Dispensing Components used with MX Static Mixers

Cartridge Type 50 ml - A style
Ratio 4:1 and 2:1
Dispenser DMA 51-00-10
Plunger PLA 050-04 (4:1)
PLA 050-10 (10:1)
Luer Adapter LA 05-00 *

*Use only with MX  6.3 mixers