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Are you dispensing adhesives like Jackson Pollock painted?

Before the advent of sophisticated mixing systems for two part materials, such as adhesives and sealants, mixing and dispensing was done with whatever simple methods were at hand - and sometimes literally it was the hand - fully immersed in the bucket - that did the mixing.

Sulzer Mixpac holds many patents for sophisticated two component materials mixing systems. A "system" is composed of a dual cartridge which holds both components in separate "cylinders", a dispensing gun and a static mixer. The dispenser has two rods with discs on the ends, that press down upon the cartridge pistons.Material is forced through the static mixer.

Sulzer static mixers are composed of a housing and mixing elements. Mixing elements are a series of baffles which break up and combine the two streams of material many times over, ultimately producing a homogenously mixed material which exits at the outlet. Sulzer Mixpac static mixers come in many different configurations. 

Important static mixer variables include: inner diameter, length, number of mixing elements and geometries of the housing and mixing elements. Mixpac mixers have either a cylindrical or "square type" housing. Elements can be of various spiral configurations for cylindrical housings, or interlocking baffles for the square type housing. Mixers are made with several different plastic resins - polypropylene,polyacetal, polyester and nylon are the most common.

So, if you are dispensing materials in a similar manner used by Jackson Pollock to creat his artwork, you should consider contacting us to discuss your adhesive mixing and dispensing requirements. Please contact

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